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  • essential list (birthdays)

    Started last night to transfer the info from my birthday calendar into my mobile (cell) phone. Got it all done, but was not 100% happy. The longest the alarm function can be programmed is up to one day in advance. That's no use for me, as I often have to know I should send a card about a week before a birthday.

    Decided then to use my tickler as follows: Got 12 nice postcards for Jan - Dec. and wrote dates and names on each card for each month. If I knew the year a person was born, I wrote that on the card, too. (That way I won't forget VERY special birthdays.) Each card goes in specific month file.

    Went out today for two cards for birthdays in October and ended up buying 12 cards. These are now safely in the December, February, March and August files.

    Interestingly, doing this joyful task showed me that most of my friends are Aquarians, Libras and Leos. As a Gemini I suppose I'm attracted to the other Air signs. As for the Leos, they are Fire. Thinking about all of them, I realise that we kind of whip each other up (Fire needs Air to burn). All of these relationships are really creative and fun. I also have (mostly) good and productive relationships with all the other people in my life but I realised when doing my birthday card tickler that I'm really closest to the Air and Fire people. (Sorry all you astrology sceptics out there. This is just an observation which I wanted to share. )

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    Buying birthday cards ahead of time and placing them in your that is a good idea. I might have to do that.


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      Networking with the Tickler File

      I recently listened to a book about networking and learned an excellent tip that's on point here.

      When you meet someone at a party or other function that you would later send correspondence or a card to, write the card the next day making reference to the conversation you just had with the person.

      Then tickle the card for the future. When the person receives the card they will be dazzled with your incredible memory...when in reality it's your "mind like water" that made it happen.

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        Hey, Bassdrone! That's a brilliant idea. I'm good at networking, but I never thought of that one.


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          Hi Pageta!

          Am thinking about buying my Christmas cards today. Already have a list ready in my December file, so I know how many I need.