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Goals question

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  • Goals question

    Ok, I've read and tried Hyrum Smith 10 natural laws, Covey's First things First and also GTD. I've found them all to be helpful and have formed a hybrid that really seems to work for me.

    My problem is in the goals dept. Smith says to make at least one step a day towards each, Covey=define roles and plot out on a weekly basis and the GTD is a little confusing to me.

    What have you guys found to work best for you?

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    GTD was written more for busy people in corporate America whose only real goal is to keep their head above water. At least that's how corporate America was for me when I was there. I am now self-employed, and I've found that if I don't have goals, there is nothing in my Inbox. In fact, I still don't have an Inbox because I self-generate all my work. So I've found that you do have to marry what you learn about goals from others with GTD.

    Here's how I look at it: goals are like gasoline, GTD is like an engine. One without the other goes nowhere. If I didn't have goals, I would have nothing to do. If I had goals but no GTD, I would never reach any of my goals. Seriously, I would say that I used to not meet about 95% of my goals and now with GTD, I reach 95% of my goals which is the exact opposite. GTD allows me to put a plan in place that helps me actually reach the goals. That's why I find both GTD and goals indispensible.