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GTD Add-in on loaner machine?

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  • GTD Add-in on loaner machine?

    My laptop is in for repairs, and I am using a loaner for a few weeks. I've become very dependant on the Add-in for Projects & Sub-projects. I'd like to install the Add-in on the loaner machine so I can work GTD as usual.

    Question: Are there any risks associated with doing this? Any potential for data problems? my Projects and Subprojects live on my laptop?

    Can I make use of my projects while I have this loaner????

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    Depends - are you using the laptop connected to a work/exchange server or is it a stand-alone personal machine?

    If the former, then I'm not sure because I do not use the product.

    If the latter then I can assure you that EVERYTHING lives on your laptop. No, you cannot use your projects because they are on the computer that you sent in for repairs. In fact, it would have been a good idea to back up your machine before sending it in for repairs.


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      If you are using the same pst file from you laptop getting repaired I don't see any problem. I move my outlook pst file from my desktop to my laptop all the time and both have the Add-in installed.