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Getting Started: How to link projects to next action?

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  • Getting Started: How to link projects to next action?

    Talking about big projects:

    So i get that i should have a file folder for each project that contains project details, references, and plans...

    Here's where i'm having trouble; The book doesn't really say how to go about synching the plans in the project with next action lists...

    Also, how do you guys go about ensuring that if you do complete an action step you have the next one handy for that project so that you don't do something out of order or forget a step and screw up the works?

    Some of my projects are complex and can have long periods of time between steps or a flurry of activity followed by a step or two, then a month later another flurry of activity...


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    Crap, posted in the wrong forum...

    Well, i guess it's not entirely off-topic if there's anyone that uses Shadowplan that has a solution.



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      Moved to main GTD Forum

      Have a nice day.


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        In most of my projects, the dependencies between tasks are pretty loose. For example, I need to do a certain amount of research before I start writing something, but if I fail to do the research the worst thing that happens is I discover that I need to backtrack for more information. So doing things out of order isn't really a problem.

        For simple projects, the subsequent actions are pretty obvious. (Look up tire store phone number, call tire store, drop car at tire store...) For more complicated projects, I keep as much detail as necessary in the project file.

        The "how to link projects and actions" question is one of the most frequently asked. You can probably find lots of helpful suggestions by reviewing some of the other threads on the subject.



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          The specific method is also influenced by how you are keeping track of your projects and next actions. Manually or contact management software. I'm currently using Time & Chaos and create fake contacts as projects, list the actions in the notes and then am placing the next action as a todo item associated with the project.

          The challenge for me is when I group the todo's by context (which is my intent), unless I have separate todo's for each item, shopping lists may tie back to several projects.


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            Still deciding...

            I'm thinking what i'll do is have a separate file in my palm pilot, probably a shadowplan parent just called Projects Pending in which i'll have a basic project outline... then in my file cabinet each project (whether pending or not) gets a name and all of the reference material goes into that...

            Sooo, if i go with that route, i can just put the NA into the appropriate NA context category then if i need to reference what the NEXT action after that is i can simply hop over to it if it's not in my head...

            I think.

            Unless someone else has a better way