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I can I use GTD with writing?

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  • I can I use GTD with writing?

    I write the equivalent of a 1000 word essay every week. I'm interested in the experiences of people who write on a regular basis and have other responsibilities. Do you block out a certain day just for this? Do you prepare on other days to bring something to writing day? Do you find that you can mix writing with other projects?

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    I have a page for each item (article, essay, etc.) that I'm writing in my planner. I treat each one like a project so at the top of the page, I have the topic of the essay and then I jot down all of the ideas that occur to me. Then when I have a chance to actually write, I am well on my way. I have an entire section in my planner devoted to writing since I consider that one of my "contexts" and I have my planner sorted by context.


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      I also use projects for articles / ideas.

      Using a PPC and the pigpog method, the article notes go into the "notes" section of the project.

      Some articles are just a project title.

      Some articles might sit and simmer for a while, being a collection of ideas / keywords / short sentences.

      Others start out "almost finished" even in the note.

      Either way, once I get around to work, I am ready to start.

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        I'm a freelance writer as well, and I treat my writing endeavors -- be they articles, editing jobs, marketing collateral, or whatever -- as projects. For an article I'm working on right now, I have a template that I use in the note of my Palm's todo item:

        __________Successful Outcome

        __________ Sources

        __________ Markets

        __________ Next Actions

        __________ Notes/History
        Under each of these headings, I simply list the appropriate information, including the status of queries, submissions, etc. Simple, effective, and requiring a minimum of fiddling on my part.

        If you think of a project as "anything requiring more than one action step to complete", this approach makes sense.



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          "Can I use GTD with writing?"
          I think you can use GTD with any Thing that needs to Get Done!


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            I have an informal method

            I have to write complex reports for work. They contain some data, observations, conclusions, recommendations. They are about 4 to 5 pages long.
            When a report is in the "getting generated" stage, that is when I know I will be getting the data, then I start writing and after I get the data I write at least one part a day until it is done. Sometimes, it is just the heading and reason for the study. Sometimes, I have eyeballed tha data and the results are so robust that I can write a tenative conclusion and recommendation before I have written up the data. The later is tedious and requires total alertness so I do that in a high energy mode. My n/a is just "write part of report" unless I am stuck and need to do something very specific like locate a reference or check the data and make sure that the columns add up.

            I could save myself a lot of time if I had templates and outlines but I am so poor at using the features of the computer that I don't. Also, sometimes one part of the report requires more careful thinking and wording than another and I often want to do that first.

            I have read that the most productive writers, write about the same amount every "work" day. I think that one of the bigger challenges is keeping ones notes, references, etc. organized and accessible. I have also found that when I am blocked and can't write, it helps to write about why I am blocked.l