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Help sorting Palm categories

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  • Help sorting Palm categories

    Is anyone aware of what, if any, character will drop a category to the bottom of the category list in either the ToDo or Memo section of the Palm software (i.e. just as @ bumps the item to the top)?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sorting categories

    The less-than-elegant solution is that they're alphabetical, so "Z" would's hoping this isn't the *most* elegant solution!


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      I use * to bump a category to the top of the list, and numbers 0-9 to sort the next ten as I please. You could number them 01-15.



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        Help Sorting Palm Categories

        Believe it or not, I actually sat down one day and did a test like this to see how characters would sort in memos. It looks like categories sort them the same way.

        The bottom three characters on my Palm keyboard are the null sign (3rd to bottom), Beta symbol (2nd to bottom), and trademark symbol (TM) (absolute bottom.) (Sorry - not sure how to make these on a standard keyboard.)

        If you need or want to stick with what's available on Palm graffiti keyboard, numbers will sort the lowest - as Pam suggested, each number in succession will drop it that much lower.

        (Guess I had too much time on my hands that day!)