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Benefits of the GTD Seminar?

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  • Benefits of the GTD Seminar?

    Hello all,

    I've been using/trying to use GTD for the last 6+ months. I was considering registering for the next GTD seminar in my area. I was wondering if any of you attended it and whether you felt that it was worth the ~$600.

    I'm sure its worth it if you can get your company to pay for it, but mine isn't going to. Hence the question...


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    it depends...

    Hi pendsepr. I think the answer may depend on how much progress you can make on your own, based on the book, these forums, etc. Some people are able to take the book and run with it, but doing so can range from straightforward to very challenging, depending on the person, how natural the GTD mental fit is, etc.

    I attended the Roadmap in October in Boston, and many of the folks I talked with were using it as an introduction. (I also recall most were there on the boss's dime.) However, there were plenty of people returning for a refresher. I personally found it a good reinforcement of ideas I felt comfortable with, but not a mind blower. However, I had been practicing it for 1/2 year before attending, so YMMV.

    Here are a couple of Roadmap summaries, if you want a sense of what's covered:

    I'd be glad to tell you about the one I attended, if that would help -



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      Thanks! That helps a lot!

      Read both the blogs. Valuable information. I found a few mistakes that I was making:

      1. My Next Actions were more like 'sub projects' and my projects were really 'areas of responsibility'. Once that was fixed, it was like a whole new world.

      2. In my weekly reviews, I didn't really collect EVERYTHING. I had a bunch of things lingering in various places, so I didn't really 'trust the system' and kept spending time on things outside the system. Now that's fixed, almost. So things are much more 'planable' now.

      3. I didn't use the tickler file before and had a stack of stuff lying around on my desk 'as a reminder'. Fixed that.

      So overall, learned a bunch of stuff from the blogs. I don't think I will be going to the seminar as my boss ain't ponying up the dough.

      Thanks Cornell!


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        re: Thanks! That helps a lot!

        I'm glad the pointers helped. Of course Buzz Bruggeman and Terrie Miller get the credit for writing up the notes, and ultimately, David Allen for helping us so much with his great work.

        But please don't tell him you didn't go to a seminar because of me - I'm trying to get on his good side!