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Project lists in palm to-do

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  • Project lists in palm to-do

    I have just finished the book and am starting my first weekly review.
    I am confused about listing projects as items in the palm to-do list.
    How does this fit in with the context sorting style of GTD?
    I have entered my projects, X, Y, Z into the the to-do list but wonder what to do with them next. I understand the concept of assigning categories to action items so i will be able to sort by context. @calls, @errands etc. but don't know what to do with the project items or if or how I should relate them to the action items.

    Any advice would be a big help


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    "Project" becomes another category in your Palm's todo list. List your projects under that category.


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      Once the Project is in the Project cat, don't forget to put the NA for the Project in the appropriate cat/context as another to-do. When entering the NA, include the name of the Project (eg Call Doug to order hose for project: Fix Car). That way, the Palm's Global Search can be used to list all entries for the project.
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        Just be able to find them.

        "Them" meaning the name of the projects and the short outcome statements. For me that has meant storing projects in Memo (in Palm plain vanilla) because it sorts by first characters (a-z, 1,2,3, etc) and ToDo or Tasks only sorts by date or priority. I found that I could not exactly remember how I titled various projects so I could not use the search function on the Palm to find them. When I process incoming stuff I was duplicating project descriptions or when I was checking back on a project I just couldn't find it. This is what I did so I could, as my hardware store guy says, "know where to look and how to look". I used my list of areas of Focus and Responsibility to create one word categories (4-5 letters) for each of these domains and I type these in all caps and then a brief name of the project and then a little outcome description. Thus, when I need to find my professional projects they all start with PROF, if the project involves services to a client, then name of the client follows and what I am trying to achieve and by when if applicable. If it is adminstrative, then PROF ADMIN- and then the description. I only use one Memo category for the whole list of projects. Even although this is not GTD and not a perfect fit either, I am finding that my filing system is starting to follow a similar pattern as I have separated out Financial, House, Professional.