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Context List or Context Category within a List?

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  • Context List or Context Category within a List?

    I am still in a little bit of an experimentation mode with regards to GTD, as I am pretty new to the whole concept. I initially leaped ahead and utilised ACT for my Next Action list and Listpro for my Projects. But after having a lot of problems, mainly with my own thinking on Projects and Next Actions, I have more or less started again from the ground up. I have now decided to use Listpro for my Next Actions and just use ACT for timed appointments, time specific tasks etc.

    Now I can't make my mind up whether or not it is better to have a Next Action list with a category relating to a context @Computer, @Calls etc or have separate lists based on the Context?

    My Next Action list is pretty manageable at the moment so I just have the one list with each item having a context, with Listpro I can sort/filter based on context etc.

    But I am wondering which way would be best for future use?

    Obviously either way has advantages/disadvantages but I am starting to think separate lists based on a context may be the better long term option. Especially if my work load increased dramatically.

    I just wondered what the general view on this was?



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    As long as you can see the context you're interested in and hide the rest, I'm not sure it matters.

    My approach is to keep everything in one big list, assign multiple categories (context and project), and use filters to give me whatever view I want. Generally, I find simplicity is better than complexity, because it's easier to maintain and easier to figure out where I put stuff.

    I'm not familiar with ListPro, so I don't know how difficult it would be (in the multi-list approach) to get a cross-list view, for instance if you wanted to see a project view taking in several contexts.