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flat filing for artist sketches (11x17)?

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  • flat filing for artist sketches (11x17)?

    Hi Folks,

    I have an artist friend who wants to improve filing for her sketches, which are larger than normal (they are 11"x17" up), and need to be stored flat. Do you have any tips for equipment? I've found many heavy-duty ones online (e.g., here) but she has a limited budget. Thanks!


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    That affects a lot of people with oversized support materials.
    She could mount two dowels sticking out of a wall, then binder clip her sketches together and hang them. She could try a lateral file cabinet and make a lift out basket to make it easy to get to the bottom sketches. If she doesn't mind rolling them, she can make an upright stand from mailing tubes, carpet rolls, etc. 'found things.' She might also try one of those large under-the-bed plastic storage boxes. If she likes old fashioned oddities, she could suspend a large flat shelf from ropes on pulleys in the ceiling. Lower the shelf, find the sketch, then crank it back up out of the way. I say old fashioned because many a women did this with their quilting frames. Model train enthusiasts have done this also. Good luck to her!



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      Thanks for the great suggestions!

      Thanks a ton for the creative thinking, Elena. I've passed them on to her.



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        Just one comment on Elena's nifty suggestions: If your friend wants to use archival quality materials, she should be careful of plastic storage boxes, mailing tubes, and other found objects. In general, unless something explicitly states it's archival quality, it's not.