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A new web-based solution

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  • A new web-based solution

    I recently finished reading GTD. I really like the concepts GTD introduces, and I thought it would be nice if there was a piece of software that perfectly lined up with these concepts. There is the Outlook add-in, but many people do not use or down-right hate outlook. Moreover, unless you have a laptop, the outlook solution is going to require that you separate you home GTD system and your Office GTD system. I decided that there needs to be a new web-based solution, and that I would have to create it. My solution is called AllMyWork and will be located at in the near future. I am about 75% finished with the pre-alpha release development. I should be ready to go-live with an alpha version in about two weeks. I need about 30 people to put the system through the hoops and provide me with some feedback with what needs to be added, what could be better etc. . Again, this testing process would begin about two weeks from now. Anybody who participates in the alpha testing will have a free premium (the premium accounts will have document storage space and advanced features) for life as well as "first crack at" and free full versions of the Palm AllMyWork software that should come out in about 4 months or so. And yes, I plan to have the Palm version sync to the web. If anybody is interested, please send me an email at . And, in case you were wondering, this software is wicked has many features, looks great, is super easy to use (my wife is a stickler for ease of use ), and it will make implementing GTD a snap.

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    Re: A new web-based solution

    It sounds interesting except the part about the web. Why would anyone want their store their personal information on the internet with all of the privacy issues and inconvenience of needing an internet connection to plan if can't or don't want to use a Palm?



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      Security, privacy and inconvenience

      Well, there are a few things to be considered.

      1. I plan to run everything through a secured site which will provide 128-bit encryption through the front end website to the SQL server backend. I am also incorporating database encryption to keep everything as secure as possible. There are always security issues with web solutions, but somebody could also break into your house and steal your wallet. Know what I mean?

      2. Though you have to be connected to the web to use this PIM, that connection only represents an inconvenience if you do not have a constant connection, such as DSL, at work and at home. It surely is much better than trying to keep everything in sync between your home and office by file transfer. You will not have to use a Palm if you do not want to, and I plan to have a desktop version which will sync will the web but that will also have a local database so you do not have to be connected.

      3. An online solution paves the wave for collaborative environments. I have several ideas for implementing such environments, but I am waiting for more ideas from my alpha testers. There are so many things I can do…I really have to stop myself from expanding the system too much. I currently develop large Enterprise Web-based learning management systems(we are talking HUGE 100K+ systems), so I have a lot of experience in creating collaborative environments that are secure.


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        re: beta

        Sounds interesting, particularly the desktop version, will it also include a palm sync feature, or is that going to be exclusively web-based? Hopefully, you're looking at a backup\file transfer capability that won't be web dependent as well. I'd definitely be interested.


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          The desktop version would include that ability to sync with the palm...though, its development is really dependant upon the amount of time I have. Time is money.


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            Alpha testers

            8 so far, 22 to go...


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              25 alpha testing spots filled...5 left. Get them while they last!!! hehehe