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Read/Review problem

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  • Read/Review problem

    I read somewhere a recommendation to split the Read/Review pile into 3 parts: Serious; FYI; Junk/Shop/Browse.

    My problem is: how can I avoid being 'mentally' worried' about having these piles waiting in the background?
    I want to make sure I will deal with them, and still forget about them now.

    But 'Serious': how can I forget about that? Or should I create a 'tickler' so I don't forget them? Put it into my 'hard landscape'?

    FYI: Probably stuff that I should read before it is too late, e.g. before upcoming conferences or staff meetings.
    How should this be handled? By tickler?

    And finally Junk/Shop/Browse: I will (probably) always have things to do which are more important than this stuff, so how and when will these 'pop up' again?

    I can't use my weekly review to go through this stuff, can I ?
    I only see myself sorting the piles avery week, always increasing volume...

    This is, in my mind, quite disturbing, especially if you have 3 different levels of importance.

    Anyone have any good ideas or experience about this?

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    I don't have a read/review pile. If I am interested in it, I read it as I get it (2 min rule - or at least skim it). If I am not ready to read the whole thing but believe I will need it later, it goes into general filing. If it is junk I throw it out. In doing all of these, I keep in mind some issues like:
    - when will I need it (if ever)?
    - how fast is the area of study changing?
    - can I look it up again somewhere else, like the internet, if it ever becomes critical to know?

    If I know when I am going to need it, I will file it. If the area of study is changing too fast, then by the time I get around to needing or reading it, it will probably be out of date anyway. I may as well wait until I need it, then look up the latest research. Many things I know I can find again or find more current information on the 'net, so it does not even get filed.