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  • Workaholics anonymous

    I have a problem and I'm wondering if someone can help.

    I think I'm a workaholic

    I've been taking high doses acid reducing stomach medication to stop the ulcers that plague me from stress.

    I also take valium to try to aleviate my stress levels and help me sleep.

    I'm also seeing a relaxation therapist (which hasn't helped yet)

    I seem to be in a spiral of perpetual frustration that I can't get enough done.

    Does anyone have a similar issue. Can you suggest any good books or methods

    This problem is affecting my family life and isn't funny at all.

    Any advise is greatly appreciated

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    Workaholics Anonymous

    Hi Yurfi,

    so sorry you are in such pain.

    There is a discussion group at
    To contact the moderator, send an email to:
    Maybe they can help you.

    You could also contact Workaholics Anonymous
    for books or methods on your concern.

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      I can recommend this book:

      The Man Who Mistook His Job for a Life : A Chronic Overachiever Finds the Way Home

      by Jonathon Lazear.

      Good read. Lazear does a good job explaining first why workaholics are who they are, then explaining how to break free from overworking.

      Good luck.