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Weekly review -- when? Or does it matter?

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  • Weekly review -- when? Or does it matter?

    When do you find it most productive to do your weekly review?

    On Friday afternoon -- so you can process all the stuff you would worry about over the weekend and have a clear view of what next week holds?

    On Sunday afternoon -- when you are nice and relaxed and uninterrupted?

    On Monday morning -- so you process stuff that occurred to you over the weekend?

    I know the point is just to make sure you DO it -- but right now my weekly review is more like an every day or every other day review -- and that is wasteful too!

    Carolina Songbird

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    Choose specific day and time and give it a try.

    Choose specific day and time that you think will be best for you and give it a try (at least four weeks). Then decide if it works for you - if not try different specific day and time.

    Some people do their weekly review on Wednesdays to have time before weekend to make sure that every active project is under control.


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      Or change your opinion about more frequent reviews

      Over time, I've adopted a daily and weekly review practice. I do a daily review first thing every morning. It generally takes 10-15 minutes and is a great way to process any overnight items, have a few reflective sips of coffee while I look at my commitments for the day, and get in gear.

      I do my full weekly reviews on Friday afternoons. It's a standing appointment with myself blocked out on both my personal and the company shared calendar. I generally spend 60-90 minutes wrapping up the preceding week and setting up the next week.


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        That sounds like a great idea. I do mini dailies every evening before I leave work, and that is tremendously helpful.

        I've been trying to do full weekly reviews on Friday afternoons, but so far I'm just not able to predict what my Friday will be like. I think I'll switch to Wednesdays, so that I can spill over to Thursday if things get insane.


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          I started out scheduling my Weekly review on Monday morning, but I have since changed it to Friday afternoon. It works well with my schedule, and it helps me plan out my weekend when I process my @Home and @Errands categories. This way I head into the weekend with a good handle on what needs to be done on Monday.

          I am writing about my experiences using GTD at



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            Friday morning is the best time for me, because my mind is relaxed at that time of the day.

            As an exception to the rule, this week I did my weekly review on Tuesday. It felt right to do it at that time, so I did it!


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              For various reasons, I'd been scheduling my Weekly Reviews on Wednesdays, particularly as it was the best way to deal with my coworkers/partners schedules. I was finding, though, that for weeks where I didn't have Mondays booked with meetings, the beginning of my week was sometimes being left high and dry. So I switched to having my main review on Monday, and then having a mini-review on Wednesday afternoon, specifically targeted towards projects that required the extra coordination. For me, it's working like a charm! (I have to say though, that there are plenty of times where I'm just in desperate need of a "mental-tidy," and just do the review then, regardless of whether it fits my standard schedule. However it works best for me to actually get things done!)


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                very important

                I do a weekly review and it matters a lot to me. I recall seeing writings about weekly reviews taking hours to complete. Well, I must say it does take me a while to complete mine. Reviewing contacts alone takes me a while, especially if you have a large network. I believe this is the meaning of a “weekly review”. I do mine every Sunday. For me Sunday is an organizing day and prepares me for the week ahead. I found, if I do not do my weekly review I become unorganized. Try it for yourself and see?

                Here is my weekly review, from my palm list (currently), this is as personal as it gets…

                Review File Cabinet
                Process All Slips
                Review Slips
                Review all Bonsai Categories
                Review Outlook
                Review Contacts
                Review Bookmarks
                Clear out wallet
                Clear Windows Desktop
                Review Supermemo
                Flash drive backup
                Run Ad-Aware
                Clean/dust computer
                Review Mnemonics & Loci