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Office 2004 Update for Macs available today

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  • Office 2004 Update for Macs available today

    For those of you on Macs who use Entourage 2004 for GTD'ing, you might want to grab the latest update out today.

    Some good improvements in Word and Powerpoint, but since E'rage is the
    main GTD tool, here are its main new shinier parts:

    ·· Entourage syncs with Mac OS X Sync Services Users, such as
    Address Book and iCal.
    You can also synchronize items with other
    Macintosh computers via Apple's .Mac online services, and with portable
    devices, such as phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs), that
    are compatible with iSync (even events, tasks, and notes through Sync

    ·· You can use Spotlight to search Entourage items To use
    this feature, make sure that Spotlight is turned on for the volume
    where you store Entourage items.

    ·· Entourage can use smart cards to sign, encrypt, and decrypt
    e-mail messages

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    Mac office

    we should be posting about this in the tools section which is where software discussions go but I do want to thank you for posting this info. For those of us who use Entourage and the project center for GTD it is always great to hear other peoples experience and the latest news.
    Could you elaborate on your use of Entourage and GTD in the tools section?
    Anyone Beta testing the GTD white paper for Entrouage for the David Allen Co. Where is that in the process?