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Where should I put this specific NA?

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  • Where should I put this specific NA?

    I had a call with my business partner. I told him I'd call you next week. That's easy But where do you think should I put this "week specific call" as David has only day, time and asap specific actions described?

    Please advice.



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    Using Outlook

    I often seem to have this sort of task which is of the 'sometime this week' variety. I tend to use one of two methods, depending on the significance of the call. In many cases I simply use a dated task entry in Outlook with a suitable deadline reminder for the end of the week built in. However, if the commitment is particularly important, I tend to drop it into my calendar for the soonest day I am able to make the call. This tends to help me either keep my commitments at the earliest available point or allows me to drag the task appointment to the next day if necessary. I find this choice of two approaches let me treat the call either within the flexibility of a task list seen at least daily or more rigidly as a 'hard landscape' item if I want to ensure it gets priority treatment on a particular day. Does this help (assuming you are using Outlook or similar!)?


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      Tickler! You can then keep pushing it forward a day as necessary.


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        Agreed with Jonathan; this is a perfect scenario for the tickler. You may have been vague with your partner, but you can be specific with yourself: In this case, "next week" translates to "Monday." (Or whatever day works best for you.)

        I've found I often have to be more specific with myself than I was with my commitment. This is usually a good thing.


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          two things - NA under @calls, and deadline "information" in calendar

          I guess I'd say:

          1. Make a NA under @Calls, and
          2. Add a deadline "information" entry in calendar

          1) is what is the reminder - you should be checking your NAs daily, so you'll see it Monday latest. 2) is a safety net that should start making you rachet up the importance of the call as the week progresses.


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            I think hard landscape works for me better then anything else here as

            I don't really want to see any NAs before that week comes in my ASAP list.

            I think I'd put such events either on Monday or Monday to Friday all day event.




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              I would store on the tickler for monday to write a NA in @calls and in the calendar/tickler for friday the information that the phonecall is now falling due.