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Don't do a formal *daily* review

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  • Don't do a formal *daily* review

    This obviously doesn't apply to everybody, but if you're like me and have tried to set up a formal *daily* review checklist (check tickler, check calendar, etc.), and have found it onerous, and loathed to look at the big list, and stopped looking at it, and felt guilty about not doing it . . .

    Don't do it.

    In operational mode (day-to-day), your intuition will remind you to check the tickler and calendar daily, and whatever other list needs checking. If a long daily checklist isn't working for you, don't force yourself to use one. David doesn't mention this practice in his book. He does of course talk about a routine for the *weekly* review - this discipline, on a weekly frequency, is worth it.

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    Or, taken from a different perspective:

    Daily lists can be very useful, even when you don't force yourself to complete everything on the list every day.

    I use a daily list, but more as a quick visual reminder of little things that often fall off my radar.


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      I've found it very useful to do a light daily refresh of my NA & Waiting lists, combined with a reality check of the hard landscape for the next day. I start it about an hour before I intend to leave work for the evening, which allows room for last-minute phone calls or fire drills.

      For me, it's a great stress-buster and helps me feel comfortably on top of things. Your mileage may vary.