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  • Outlook folders

    I am needing some help in creating relevant and not too numerous folders in my Outlook mail system. I am interested in how others have determined naming protocols etc in their Outlook mail system and whether there is linkage with My Documents folders. I read 'The Virtual Handshake' and tried Scott Allen's folder system (based on priority and deadline rather than subject) but it is not working at all. I am tempted to purchase 'Take Back Your Life' (book on productivity with Outlook) but given the quality of this forum I am hoping that I can get some ideas here.

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    I suggest you try the Outlook GTD add in. Install the free trial and see if you like it.

    Link to product page

    Scroll half way down to find the link to the trial version.


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      A few categories - that make sense to YOU

      My suggestion, based on what worked for me -- would be to choose a few key categories that work for you ... and go with those.

      YES. Make your Outlook & Mail folders the same. From experience: trying to remember two different systems gets to be too difficult.

      I've posted the exact categories elsewhere in this forum, but one of the things that ended up working for me was to identify the 5 or 6 categories of information that I always managed -- and then use that SAME structure for my paper filing system, Windows "my documents" and email.

      So for example, I (we - since we do this on our server & even for company files) have a folder in My documents called:

      \contact\client\xyz_inc or

      In Email, all correspondance with a particular client is sorted under

      On paper, we have "Client-Contact" folders (for paper purchase orders, etc received from clients, copies of reports sent to them etc.)

      Repeating the same structure greatly simplifies the system and most importantly, reduces the stress from trying to find things!