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Help with note taking

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  • Help with note taking

    Before GTD, I was trying to keep everything in my head. Now, most of the time, I write things down, and I start to like it.

    Still I want to improve my note taking skills, specially during meetings, but also while working on projects. I've tried using One Note or Evernote, but I now prefer using paper notebooks. I have 2, one 8.5 x 11 with hardcover that I take to meetings, use at my desk and use as writing board, and a small Moleskine that I carry with me everywhere to empty my head.

    I'm a Business Solutions Analyst (consulting firm), and I need to keep track of the time I spend on projects and meetings, along with notes of the work I did during that time.

    What I'm looking for is some ressource on the web to help me become a better notetaker.


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    Here is a link to one website I frequent with a post about taking notes:

    My suggestion is to search in Google for "business note taking", or just "note taking", (although that will probably get you a lot of erroneous results). You can also look for "Cornell note taking".

    If you haven't already searched, there are a lot of Moleskine sites that have information on writng and taking notes also.

    Sorry I don't have specific places to send you. I use OneNote also and have used EverNote in the past. I've never been too concerned with how I take electronic notes since searching them is easy.


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      Templates for note taking.

      You can find some templates for note taking here


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        This very board had a long thread about taking notes. Many methods were presented. You are sure to find something useful here: