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How many NAs do you have in your system now?

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  • How many NAs do you have in your system now?

    I think a poll could help here but not sure how to create the one...

    DA says that today's professionals have about 200 NAs in the system. I have now about 70. What do you have? Do you think it's easy to navigate and choose between 200 NAs even divided by 5-6 contexts (means 40 NAs in each!)



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    Why don't you try it and see?

    I have about 100 NAs, many of which are future-dated and therefore don't appear on my current list.

    On my current list, the largest context has 11 items in it.



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      My numbers

      My most recent printed NA list has 107 items on it. Sometimes it probably grows to 125-130 or so.

      My longest context list has 20 items on it... most of which won't get done anytime soon.


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        Someday... maybe?

        Here's my breakdown:
        * 143 "active" actions (not in someday or maybe) with 14 of those @Waiting for
        * 28 Projects
        * 158 Someday'd
        * 24 Maybe'd

        Someday in my system means I look at it as part of the weekly review
        Maybe means I look at it when I'm doing a 30k+ review (approx 1x/month)

        I'm currently behind moving NAs from Someday to maybe (a reflection of poor weekly reviews for the last few weeks)

        On the average, I crank out between 25 and 300 NAs a week of greater then 2 minutes. Big variance here is due to the level of focus on more defining-type activities versus cranking through the little stuff.

        I usually complete anywhere from 2-3 projects/week to 10-25 projects/week, again, it depends on the level of focus on long running actions and prioritization.

        Anyone else a measurement freak?



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          156 Next Actions
          105 Waiting Fors
          115 Projects
          22 Major objectives
          75 Someday/Maybe


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            25 NAs
            14 Projects

            This is just the stuff for home, though; my list at work has probably 25 more NAs.


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              41 projects, 89 NAs. But 25 of the NAs are in the "Someday_Maybe" category, and a further 8 are on my "Borrowed_Loaned" list.

              I suspect I have more yet to capture, though, as I'm re-implementing GTD (after a haphazard few months of playing at it) and I'm still getting all my Stuff together.

              I also only include NAs I can currently do in my list. I have a few outlines in ThoughtManager on my Palm for large projects where I want to be able to track the overall state of the project without seeing every NA on my tasks list.


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                140 projects. Don't know how many NAs...


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                  Originally posted by jpm
                  156 Next Actions
                  105 Waiting Fors
                  115 Projects
                  22 Major objectives
                  75 Someday/Maybe
                  Jpm, 105 Waiting fors.... Wow. How do you control all of them. Weekly review or daily?




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                    23 Projects
                    85 NAs
                    27 Someday/Maybes
                    26 Waiting Fors

                    Great idea for a poll- I suspect our numbers are only really current just after a weekly review (which I am doing now).

                    Keep on capturing wordsofwonder!


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                      Here's My List

                      30 @Projects
                      18 @NA (Weekly review will change this)
                      32 @Calls
                      45 @Computer
                      6 @Errands
                      15 @Financial
                      4 @Home
                      9 @Waitingfor
                      101 Total Project-specific items
                      461 Someday/maybe
                      8 Sunday (I'm a pastor and these are done regularly one Sunday)
                      Total: 725 items


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                        Projects: 42
                        WaitingFors: 5
                        NextActions: 167 (this includes all non waiting fors)


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                          My project statistics

                          244 reference data (clips, thoughts, events linked to some project or actions)
                          131 active contacts (linked to some project or actions)
                          390 actionable thoughts (no decision, so outcome defined)
                          237 projects (and subprojects) defined outcome and WR# specifies
                          135 NAs

                          Current week dashboard :
                          7 life domains active
                          23 projects top of the week ([intermediate] outcome committed) which are always displayed in my "left margin"
                          89 NAs in 11 contexts (actionable this week and next 30 days that means about 70 active projects)

                          (I do not use Someday/Maybe, but I put a "tickler date" on each data : "do not bother before", or "time to re-process this")


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                            Originally posted by Borisoff
                            Jpm, 105 Waiting fors.... Wow. How do you control all of them. Weekly review or daily?
                            That depends a lot on the sub-context and who I'm waiting for the next action from. I use the Add-in and set up an @Waiting For view in my task folders that lists all the waiting for actions grouped by the Delegated To field. Time critical waiting fors have a due date set on the waiting for task.

                            I review all next actions with a due date set daily. I try to set as few hard dates in the task list as possible. Those few I do review daily, sometimes more frequently.

                            Most are assigned to projects so they get reviewed at least once a week during the weekly review. I have weekly one-on-ones with my staff and some indirect reports and we review status of each outstanding next action I've delegated to them. I have a more-or-less weekly one-on-one with my boss and we do the same with them (One-on-ones consist mainly of reviewing the @Waiting Fors and @Agendas next actions... I have a similar @Agendas view with next actions grouped by a custom field called "Agenda For".

                            I currently have four direct reports a couple of people matrixed to my group and a boss for a total of 7 people where I do one-on-ones. There are usually between 5 and 10 waiting fors from each plus a couple of agenda items. This usually accounts for between 35-70 Waiting Fors.

                            Most of the remainder are reviewed weekly, by me and then with the delegatee monthly. I have regular monthly meetings set up with my internal customers and partners.

                            Finally we get a lot of requests for support, and in some cases the requestor is not really willing to do their part to support our process (e.g. won't follow the rules of engagement for our service, sales opportunity is not qualified, etc.) In this case I use a waiting for to track this as a project to start. Might be more appropriate as a Someday/Maybe, but I run these as requests that may need follow-up. If I haven't heard from the requestor in a second week or so, I'll send out an e-mail to follow-up. If I don't get a response I'll close out the waiting for. I have about a half dozen or so of these that go stale every week.

                            Thats how I handle them. Hope that helps. As always I'm open to suggestions for improvements....


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                              Originally posted by jpm
                              Thats how I handle them. Hope that helps. As always I'm open to suggestions for improvements....
                              Thanks! It helps! Now it's clear how to review Waiting Fors... The only thing remains how to push people to close their Waiting Fors now