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  • Contexts?

    Hi all,

    I have been using the Outlook add-on for awhile and realized that I NEVER look at my NAs in the context view, but rather always use projects. I think that the reason for this is that the contexts aren't really relevant for my work style. I pretty much sit at a computer, in my office, and work. (Granted, calls and errands still make sense but many others don't.)

    I'm curious as to whether people have experimented with other contexts. I, for one, have thought about adding contexts such as:
    • Reading
    • Commenting (things that I need to review and get back to people)
    • Braindead (easy stuff for when I'm worn out)

    Has anyone else done anything like this? What has been your experience?

    Thanks in advance!

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    See this thread...

    Hi there,

    See my thread here on GTD 2.0....

    Best regards,


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      Well, here's how I do it:

      1. Reading - not a context, but a list I have in my memo app. in my Palm
      2. Commenting - too general for me. I need NA's to be more granular. If I have to get back to someone on something, I have the VERY NEXT PHYSICAL action defined and in the appropriate context. If it's more than one, there is a project as well.
      3. Brain dead - I don't really have anything here... if it's something like, "refill the stapler"... I just do it. (in moments where I don't have any energy, I'll check the stapler, paper clips, etc.).

      Anyway, if the above works for you then great! There really is no "right and wrong" thing to do. There are only systems, and you have to make yours work for YOU.