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Dealing With Reading Material - Magazines - Trade Journals

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  • Dealing With Reading Material - Magazines - Trade Journals

    Like many of you, I get deluged with magazines and trade journals. Many contain useful, interesting articles. The advertisements are useful as well to keep with new products and what my competitors are doing.

    But the magazines are prime offenders in the "stacking" habit.

    Have you found an effective system for reading material that allows you to stay on top of things without overload?

    Any tips much appreciated.


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    Dealing With Reading Material - Magazines - Trade Journals

    A thought.
    How about a scanner and Adobe Acrobat Writer (not Reader). Scan and save your materials including Ads then turn into 'PDF' files. You can save on Desktop or to CD and even can be read I understand using Documents To Go on a Palm.


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      I use my briefcase and tickler files. I keep a few reading items in my briefcase. Whether I am at home, work, or out and about, the briefcase is handy. When the time is right to read I have the material at hand.

      There are times when the reading comes in faster than it's getting done (especially if I have just bought a couple of books. The journals and other non-urgent reads have to "get in line.") Rather than haul everything I have to read around with me, I make a guess as to when I will be ready for some of the stuff and put in the tickler files appropriately.