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Project Management Books and GTD

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  • Project Management Books and GTD

    Hi all.
    I noticed when I browse the forum that a lot of people have the need to adopt the GTD methodology in a projectmanagement method.

    I am wondering about this myself too. I am browsing a lot for this reason and read the reviews there.

    Is there any good book out there on projectmanagement that is in line with the GTD methodology?

    I think people should really expand on this subject on this forum. IMHO the perfect projectmanagement method would be also a "trusted system".

    Please let me know if someone knows a good book that is getting in that direction!


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    Project Management

    My favourite book on project management is still "Managing Multiple Projects" by Irene and Michael Tobis. It's about having a reliable work strategy.

    The fundamental components of a reliable work strategy according to Tobis and Tobis are:

    · Knowing: having a clear set of commitments.
    · Limiting: accepting only those commitments that can realistically be fulfilled.
    · Planning: allocating efforts to your commitments.
    · Tracking: knowing the status of progress on each of your projects.
    · Controlling: making sure projects stay on track.
    · Correcting: repairing individual problems and tuning the system.



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      No Surprise Project Management[/URL]

      by Timm Esque is one of my favorites.