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    Much to my surprise using a simple A to Z is really helping, it is one stop thinking to locate and add to the file, a huge saving in mental energy. I keep finding as I go through my piles lost items in folders o my desk with action labels lkike "to mail", so DA is right on this--put the action on a list and the item in a folder with its name (I have that right, do I????). Now for the questions--jow do I manage stuff I need to follow-up on pertaining to other people-- one of my kids enters a lot of writing contests and I have to do things to help her, give her stuff and get it back, similarly with husband, I need him to review something and then return it to me (he doesn't get the return part, bless him for reveiwing though), and my other kid is a real ball dropper too--stuff gets sent home for her to finish and she leaves it here and there--I find it half done --when she is in the mood and asks for the work she'll do a superlative job--after I remind her to ask me for it about 5 times (she is very young). Also, I have noticed that I have two really bad drawers for files that don't come out far enough to find the files easily. Revising the system is a long-term project--am I shooting myseklf in the foot if I start making new files for my new drawers (which are presentl,y just boxes) as I find the items--I figure a total transfer is a day-long job.Finally--we all agree that finances need their own drawer, what about and real, real important personal papers like wills, birth certificates, etc.???

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    I think the answer to following up is for you to put the types of items you mentioned on your @Waiting For list and review that list once per week. I would also suggest having the other person give you a date by which you can expect them to do whatever it is they are supposed to do. That way you can wait until their self-imposed deadline has passed before following-up. Secondly, it sounds like other people in your life need to read David's book! The better they become organized, the less time you will spend following-up on them.