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suggestions for electronic filing?

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  • suggestions for electronic filing?

    Ok so here I go. I am very new to this and am trying to integrate this into my daily flow.

    One thing I am sort of struggling with is that trying to figure out how to classify, where to classify items.

    I want to keep everything in one spot which means email and since we use Outlook here I am trying to get things into one place that can be managed.

    Trying various subfolders under tasks, notes, journal, then I have reference under my inbox, the calendar is farther up the tree. What I found is that it was very very time consuming trying to bounce between folders, clicking and dragging trying to synch things. I gave up on that and looked at My Yahoo with thier calendar option and found that while it was nice in that it kept things together for me it did not give me the same flexibility that Outlook did. That left me looking at Mozilla Sunbird. Again same thing. some aspects of it were better then Outlook but no flexibility.

    Now I am back to Outlook. While it offers more flexibility then the others it still does not totally fit. I am now trying to organize everything up under my calendar to keep things centralized. Does anyone have any suggestions other then the GTD software on best practices in configuring Outlook to suit GTD?