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If you are not doing the weekly review you are not doing much

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  • If you are not doing the weekly review you are not doing much

    The people that I talk to mostly say that they sort of do the weekly review or don't find time for it.

    I was struggling trying to make my system more functional and finally made some progress.

    The whole point is to do the review. If you skip the review you are gathering and then not doing anything with it. You can only make better decisions, or find more time, or find where you are wasting time when you do the review. Things come together. You work your way up the altitudes and things come into focus.

    I also made huge progress by dumbing down and making things simpler. Lists, Next Actions, Projects. That's it. If it's not on your "radar" keep it in your SomedayMaybe.

    I think this will help the people in the first 6 months.

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    I get a lot out of GTD even when I'm in a space of not being very good about reviews. It's still very helpful to me to have that habit of translating everything to projects & NAs. Also keeping my in-box empty is a hugely helpful habit.

    I think if you never do the WR you're cutting yourself off from much that is useful in GTD, but being sloppy about them sometimes isn't fatal, IME.