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    I've been working on getting a professional website done. The URL is Rather than have someone else do it (which is an option), I wanted to learn how to get it done myself. Iss anyone out there doing anything similar? I would be grateful for any comments anyone could make (preferably supportive). Eric Lindblom, Harvard.

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    Wow - impressive cv there....

    One thought - underlining is generally only used for clickable links.

    Also, you might want to investigate css. Here's a link to start: csszengarden

    Also, look around at some similar sites and get some ideas. I went to Google's blog search, searched for "academic" and came up with quite a few hits.

    Good luck! You're off to a great start!


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      Take a look at the Rapid Weaver forum:

      This is a Apple OS only web site program - template driven. Very strong community plus links to sites developed with Rapid Weaver. If you are using the Wintel platform a goole search will turn up similar sites.

      Good luck


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        Check out W3 Schools. All free, and amazing amount of info.


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          Eric, I found another link that has much info:


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            Try to get a general style running through the site, best way (as already mentioned) is to use "cascade style sheets" (CSS). This is a design template, so that all your page layouts are the same (basically). Means you only alter content rather than structure when you update them, so helps big time.

            Look at other pages that are aimed at the same audience, people like what is familiar, search button in the right place and so on.

            I am working on a sports website currently that uses css (hopefully!) to good effect, the site is .

            There's loads of info' on the net about web-design, but the main thing is to make sure that everything is clear. Have a look at VISCHECK to see if your pages are good in terms of access / visibility.


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              Check out It's an open-source cms in active development. I started using it about 2 months ago and I have already put up 2 sites. My main site is listed in my signature. For web hosting, I recommend They have been fantastic plus you can install the joomla admin from the control panel of your midphase account. Go to the joomla forums and look in the site showcase category - you'll get lots of cool ideas!