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Excellence in the Corporate Environment

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  • Excellence in the Corporate Environment

    Hey Everyone.

    In terms of stress and anxiety, we all are working to reach to the extreme of excellence and success in our profession, but still there are lot of problems that we encounter in our personal and professional life for e.g. Stress, Anxiety, Lifestyle disorder, Human resource exploitation, commercialization of ethical issues etc

    Spirituality is the solution to the problems mentioned above. There was a Symposium related to all these topics conducted at Reliance Industries, Mumbai (India) on "How to Gain Excellence in Corporate Culture", addressed by Dr. Pranav Pandya the Head of "All World Gayatri Pariwar".

    This is the link for that symposium video file :
    This is the link for its power point presentation. :

    This video brings light on the following burning issues and provides proper solution of them:

    Can spirituality and ethics integrated in business bring cutting edge?

    Is it possible to maximize ethics and profits together in business by adopting spirituality?

    How to eliminate stress and anxiety associated with the modern lifestyle and promote wellbeing at physical, mental and spiritual levels?

    How Spirituality and Materialism can be Balanced to bring immense wealth in life?

    And The biggest Question on 21st Century that is "Stress Management?

    The video presents 12 qualities needed to be developed for a spiritual lifestyle helpful in corporate management.

    Dr. Pranav Pandya, M.D. is a very distinguished personality and is Head of All World Gayatri Pariwar and his info can be seen at the following:

    Please share your views with all of us.