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    I'm trying not to be a slave to my computer or a PDA (I've been in too many meetings with people distracted by them) and would like to keep a physical paper notebook with the mind mapping pages, similar to The Roadmap from the GTD seminar. Does anyone have a template for this or know of a notebook that works well?

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    Not to get all zen, but won't the definition of "works well" vary from person to person? What works well for me won't necessarily work for others, right?

    For example, one of my friends at work carries around a big, 8.5x11" pad of grid-lined paper everywhere, and that's his ubiquitous capture tool. I prefer something smaller, but that's what works for him.

    Why not just grab a notebook and try using it? I've found that experience is a better teacher for things like this than subjective opinions of folks online. (No offense to those here, of course; I include myself in this category.)


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      The D*I*Y Planner site has lots of helpful ideas on productivity with paper, including templates for notebooks.


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        PDJunie, thanks for the site! That's great and exactly what I was looking for.