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My GTD implementation

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  • My GTD implementation

    Howdy all - just wanted to introduce myself... I've been reading sites (LifeHacker, Black Belt Productivity, etc) for quite a while now and FINALLY had the time to put GTD into practice.

    I thought the book was fantastic but due to my over-active brain I found it necessary (and really beneficial) to take notes and document while reading.

    I documented my initial setup this past weekend on my site ( and plan on continuing to document the ride!

    Thanks everyone for sharing your tips, thoughts and ideas here and elsewhere - it's been a big help to me (and I'm sure many many others).

    All the best!

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    Good to read your site, and glad that it seems to be going well for you!

    One comment: In my experience, there are no "best practices." There are simply practices that work well for some, and not so well for others. It's like writing: Some writers absolutely need to create an outline before writing, while for others an outline kills their creativity.

    I've also found that many practices--personal productivity practices in particular--are best discovered while actually practicing one's system, and must be refined in the fires of everyday living.


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      Smooth site. I will stay tuned.