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  • Roadmap feedback

    I thought I would post my observations from the roadmap today in St. Louis. I have been a GTD'er for about 5-6 months and didn't really know what to expect from the Roadmap.

    I was pleasantly surprised, having had not so great experiences with some big name speakers/authors in the past, the information was very practical, enough theory to explain why it works, but more importantly to me, was how to make it work. I have been pretty good about using the system at its most basic, but now feel very confident in taking it up notch.

    I'm glad that I have been doing it for a while prior to the Roadmap, people around me where very overwhelmed by the volume of the system, and I may have fallen into that trap if I wasn't relatively familiar with it already. In fact, the person on my left asked at one point if I really thought I would use all those lists, I pulled out my Palm and showed him that I really do. Not 30 seconds later the lady on my right laughed about ever having an empty InBox, I pulled out my Palm and showed her I really do!

    David is a very engaging speaker, and was very approachable during the breaks. They provided a copy of GTD, which he graciously signed.

    It was really a first class event all the way, and I would recommend it fully to anyone that is familiar with the program, but would recommend at least reading the book, prior to attending in order to get maximum benefit.

    I will be happy to attempt to answer any questions.


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    I know that I have to hear something many times and in many ways before it sinks in. So, having left the Roadmap, what were the insights, the ah-ha's, that you walked away with? What are you going to do differently now that you've attended the seminar? What, if anything, gave you new inspiration or motivation?


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      the first aha was several minutes into the session. David said something to the extent that some of us that have been using it, have slingshotted ahead of our system and start to lose some trust in the system. This was me exactly, I was consistent in some areas, but was losing it in others. I had not really gone beyond a 10,000 foot view, and now I have the perspective to start looking longer term. I also haven't done much with the project list, but now I see the value in this list as well.

      I had also gotten into a habit of not quite getting down to the granular level of the next action like I initially did, so this helped me to refocus on that as well.

      I have also had some recent challenges at work and my attitude has suffered. The paper clip exercise was a real aha moment for me. The paper clip immediately went onto my wallet to remind me of the power of your mind and attitude everytime I get it out. (my wallet not my mind)



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        I taped my paper clip to my office door.


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          Enquiring minds have to ask about this here paper clip? Please put me out of my misery!



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            Gtd Aha Moments

            I had been messing around the GTD for about a year when I went to the recent Minneapolis Roadmap. I was pretty nervous when I heard that the Roadmap was an ADVANCED INTRODUCTION.. I wanted to be in the trenches of the workflow... from inbox to organizing to doing...

            There is basically nothing new in the seminar that isnt in the book. David chose the big ideas and gave better clarification on those (horizontal and vertical views). What was key for me was seeing them in lecture format with the powerpoint... For once I understood the mastering workflow process (hint: keep it SIMPLE!). David showed his simple system on the screen, which when compared to my own system was much more clean and clear. there was no mistaking what to do in which context.

            The other HUGE AHA moment was understanding the horizons of focus which I had never fully grasped from the book. This has been very beneficial to me when reviewing my work and life. I feel more balanced and ready to tackle what I call "blindspots" in my own life where I forget to focus. The GTD system for me has pushed me onward to stir all the pots and not let anything get stale in my life- and that has proved to be all of the difference.

            *Go to the seminar. I still thumb through the GREAT workbook on a weekly basis. I also picked up some DA folders and some GTD templates as well. The DA Co. is a great bunch of professionals that really give people what they pay for in the seminar. I will be going again for a refreshed when the crew comes back to town again.

            sorry. to get the paper clip you need to go!


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              I have to agree, telling about the paper clip will potentially ruin the experience, but it alone was almost worth the price of admission!



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                Since I am unable to a session could someone please tell me offline about the paperclip.


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                  I used my paper clip to hold several pieces of paper together, but I haven't attended the seminar, so it just seemed to make sense.


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                    Man, that makes it a $600 paper clip...where did DavidCo get them...The Pentagon!!!.



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                      The pentagon analogy is not a bad one, as the company funded my Roadmap so I was not as sensitive to the cost as I would have been if it were truly my money.

                      The paper clip combined with one of the cookies from the break, that may have been worth my money!!!