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GDT and Anxiety Disorder

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  • GDT and Anxiety Disorder

    A lot of us in corporate America, including me, suffer from mild anxiety disorder. I've been taking Lexapro (newer version of Celexa) for about a year, and it helps. I wonder, however, if a lot of anxiety results from carrying a jumble of hundreds of things to do in our head, and if a more natural remedy would be following GTD.

    I certainly don't mean to imply that there aren't lots of people out there with real physiological reasons for taking anxiety/depression medication. But I'd guess that there are a number of people who just need a system like GTD. An analogy would be someone who takes weight loss drugs, rather than adopting a healthy diet, to lose 25 pounds.


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    A really good point. I don't think that in principle the two are mutually exclusive (GTD & medications). Perhaps the medications can allow or support the possibility to implement GTD, which may then allow reduction or elimination of the medications? From what I've seen on the various GTD forums, it is not uncommon to take a year or two to implement GTD to where it is an actual part of one's life, and can therefore offer real support. Anxiety or ADD can certainly get in the way of getting through that long transition ... and I can cetainly imagine help being appropritate!