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Outlook 2003 Exchange - New Profile has wiped GTD projects

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  • Outlook 2003 Exchange - New Profile has wiped GTD projects

    Hi there,

    My colleague recently set up a new outlook profile for me and others in the office due to the fact that we were changing exchange servers.

    Now I have two profiles the old one which will shortly be deleted and my new one.

    The problem is that whereas my old profile works fine with GTD the new profile does not work, despite the fact that it says GTD is activated.

    Viewing tasks “by projects” is missing, but my projects are still intact.

    Is there anyway to successfully export GTD from my old to new profile?

    PS. Am using Outlook 2003, Windows XP 2.

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    Let me preface this by saying I don't have the GTD add-in, so I don't know how it works.

    But I do know that VIEWS stay with the .pst file in the profile and cannot be exported, imported or copied (simply) like email messages or folders. It's a long tedious project to get a view from one profile to another. I would be willing to step you through what I have done to do this, but be warned it is a major PITA, and I cannot gaurantee that it would work on Exchange.

    So, I guess I have been little help, sorry.


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      Is it better to uninstall/reinstall GTD on my new profile? I'm not overly worried about the projects but the views I really can't live without e.g. view project by sub project.


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        If you haven't changed any of the views that are installed with the GTD add-in, then reinstalling will likely be your best bet. My guess (and reiterating that I don't know how the GTD product works specifically) is that the setting that indicates GTD is there is located in a different place from the GTD installation itself, and Outlook is picking up one but not the other.

        Note: Usually, reinstalling a product on the same computer for your own personal use is legal, but you should double-check the GTD user license to be sure before trying to reinstall.


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          Thanks P,

          I do have the old .pst on my desktop as a failsafe so I could always try the first approach you mentioned at the first attempt.



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            In the interest of other users here's how I solved it.

            If you close outlook completely (go so far as to check task manager to be certain) and click start on Windows.

            Go to GTD admin in programs and and click restore folders and views on startup. Click ok restart outlook.

            Should do the trick.