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I am looking for a "GTD Buddy"

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  • I am looking for a "GTD Buddy"

    I have been using GTD at various levels of success for the past 6 years. Recently, my business (I'm a signmaker) has begun to expand to the point that the "stuff" coming in is coming in at such a volume that it is a challenge just to process all of it into my system.

    So, I of course started doing the natural thing, I've been ignoring it....

    Well, that really only works for so long, and then everything turns into a real mess....

    Well, I've gotten back on the GTD bandwagon again, and have been working on "clearing the deck for the past few days" (not there yet, but soon)

    Here is what would really help me. I'm looking for someone in a similar situation, to act as a "peer coach".

    It would be terrific to find someone who:
    a) has their own micro-business (3-6 people)
    b) uses ACT 2006 as their CRM
    c) really wants to get their "GTD house in order" over the next 6 months
    d) bonus points if you have a blog

    I am looking for communication via e-mail and maybe (MAYBE) talking on the phone occasionally

    My contact information is below (my name is not John Parlabane, by the way)
    Please e-mail me if you think you might be interested

    our website portfolio:

    the web-log: - Take a look and see the projects we are currently working on and other news

    Want to sign up for our email Newsletter?

    J D. Iles

    Lincoln Sign Company
    166 Pollard Rd.
    Lincoln, NH 03251


    Fax: 603-962-8522

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    Just wanted to say that I really like your sign work. Although I wouldn't be a good mentor for your GTD buddy, I did want to leave those comments.


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      as of this morning, my e-mail "in box" is 100% empty for the first time in months!

      Now I am going to tackle my physical in-box (which has been the place things go to die in my office for far too long!)


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        Get that inbox

        Hang in there, John!

        I find sometime it really helps to get back to basics and look at the workflow processing diagram while I tackle my physical inbox. Just think "Do- Delegate- Delete- Defer."