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I want to show you my "office" 6/22/06

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  • I want to show you my "office" 6/22/06

    Yes, it is in my bedroom. I can't wait to show you the "other" office in our house, but one thing at a time.

    I have read the book nearly all the way through and this weekend I am going to begin collecting all my stuff. I don't know if I can manage to get everything collected in 2 days. I am really excited about learning and implementing GTD.

    The reason my office is in the bedroom is because my partner's office is also stufffed to the gills with "stuff" (he's a CPA and we both have stacks and piles out the ying-yang).

    It was gratifying for me to read in the book that this terrible habit of putting things in piles/stacks is quite common for folks who have no trusted system. I'm going to start having a trusted system! hooray!! (I'm desperate, things are starting to be really really bad! For example I had my two cats microchipped about 2 months ago but I never sent in the forms the vet gave me to send in. The forms are in a stack if kitties got out the door the microchip wouldn't do an ounce of good because I never filled out or sent in the form). I am ready to gain control!

    It's funny, I resisted buying David Allen's book for a couple of years. I already have about 5 books on organizing. I thought.. I already read those other books (honest, I did), what could possibly be "new"? But recently I read a few entries on the 43 things website about other people excited about GTD so I bought the book. I am totally in love with that flow chart! I have a file cabinet (a good one) that I am going to find a way to get upstairs and I have nearly all the materials I need for beginning on Saturday.

    I'll be documenting my progress in photos and asking advise from you seasoned vets. Is that alright?

    Encouragement & suggestions gladly accepted!
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    I'd love to see this room get turned around.

    Keep us updated.

    This was discussed slightly at 43 folders and great responses were there.

    Once I get my digital camera out the box I'd love to show mine off.


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      Get rid of the mirror!

      Originally posted by turningovernewleaf
      Encouragement & suggestions gladly accepted!
      Get rid of the mirror to reduce the number of visible piles by half


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        ha ha--that mirror is the nicest thing in the room, albeit hung at the wrong height.
        thanks troy and t/t..I am all happy about this right now but I haven't started yet. It's easy to be happy while thinking in the abstract.


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          Yes, please let us know how this goes! It would be very informative to see this process from both ends (beginning and finish).


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            Originally posted by turningovernewleaf
            I am all happy about this right now but I haven't started yet. It's easy to be happy while thinking in the abstract.
            Oh, yes, isn't it so easy to be happy in the abstract! Nice bit of self-knowledge there. Too true for so many of us! OK, newleaf, you've made yourself accountable to us. The weekend is imminent. Get off the abstract and make this real! We expect a full report on Sunday evening (or Monday morning at the latest).


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              So how did it go? I think you are grand for sharing your start with us.
              It's probably too late for my tip, but here it is anyway. Get yourself a timer.
              The last thing you want to do is to crash and burn five hours into it.
              Set the timer and do as much as you can for that long. It may be an hour, it may be 15 minutes. Take a break. Time the break too. That is like a promise to yourself to get back to it, so you don't worry that if you stop, you won't start again. You'll go for a longer time.

              Good luck!



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                Ok.. well.. here's mine!

                I see your office... here is a blog on my implementation of GTD.
                It was a 1 day affair...starting at 6:30AM and I'm finished and ready for tomorrow (or should I say Ready for Anything) now...
       ... click on "Materials" tab for pictures... you can view/print the context cards I created if you have publisher