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Four Days in and some newb questions

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  • Four Days in and some newb questions

    Been frustrated with to do lists that never got done, so far I like the feel and flow of dealing with all the inputs. I'm going low tech - always liked the idea's of PDA's but saw too many collecting dust in corners and have never invested. This system may convince me to invest - depending how I get it working. I'm keeping my paper system flexible, going to jump in and trust my instincts to let it develop for me. (Provided I stick to the principles and the new habit of reviews.) -Was wondering what tips other users might have - anyone tried this approach before?

    - Also 1 tiny thing - My Company uses Lotus Notes R6 So I'm using it for email management and master calendar. I would love to be able to make by Waiting and Next Action folders a different color - as I get used to the new system would like to flag them for daily review. - Can this be done?

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    Yes, many other poeple use low-tech systems, and it works for them. Your ability to change the color of folders in Lotus Notes depends on how restricted your environment is. You may be able to do that, or it may be locked out; not sure.

    I'm afraid I'm having a difficult time seeing any other questions in your post. Is that all you were curious about?


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      Thanks for your reply. The only question I have for now is a bit unrelated - Does anyone know of a good Lotus Notes training tool - something between beginner and advanced? In my current company we don't untilize the database potential of Lotus notes, (Previous Company we used them with for a number of tasks - making document singoff electronic and such. In reading GTD it was mentioned that you can set up personal databases, - I want to explore this futher, and searching the books stores I've found Lotus R6 for Dummies which seems too basic, and another on Lotus and Domino that seems too advanced.


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        Sorry; I can't help you there. We use Lotus Notes a lot at work, but it's all set up by the database team; we can't actually customize Notes much at all. Can't even use LotusScript.

        Have you tried Notes' help system (e.g., hitting F1 while in the program)? Last I checked, it looked pretty comprehensive.