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Goals with emotions :)

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  • Goals with emotions :)

    When having a small project,it's more helpful to know the end result ,as in the diffrence it makes to me personally

    for example , I want to go to pirates of the carribean : dead man's chest which comes out 21st july , normally i wud just write that , but instead I thought a lil bit and my outcome was here actually to

    test my organizing and get praise from my friends
    (which just got me going a lil bit)
    now I have already got 4 subtaks under it

    1. Call up theatre (morrow) and find out in how many days advace they book the ticket
    2. Ask frineds who all are coming
    3. According to #1. reach and book tickets
    4. Finally watch the movie

    Its all in the book ,but something I thought might help .... personalizing the tasks by adding a emotion or feeling ... motivates a little more
    (ps really waiting for the movie to come out)

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    This is an interesting point - thanks for bringing it up, pakiyabhai. I just finished the two-day Mission Control workshop (a productivity methodology that has similarities to GTD), and one thing I liked about it was the emotional side: They encourage phrasing actions in future tense, and tying in *why* they're important. At first it seems silly, but I can see how it could help change a next action I'm dreading into something I actually look forward to doing. Note that this can result in *much* longer descriptions...



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      hmm, that's a gud schedule. nice planning.