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Audiobook incomplete?

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  • Audiobook incomplete?


    A week or so ago I purchased the version of GTD to listen to on my iPod. I listened to the beginning and end and everything seemed to be fine, so I left it parked there until it was needed.

    Yesterday I wanted to take a listen to the chapter on reviewing, but was surprised to find that that chapter was AWOL. Further investigation revealed that chapters 7-10 were all missing, meaning the audiobook jumps from the end of the Processing chapter in part 2, straight to the Power of the Collection Habit chapter in part 3.

    This is a bit unnerving, as it means that a lot of the detailed info on the latter half of the GTD process, as well as project planning, is missing. Is it supposed to be like this? Is the store-bought audiobook different? (abridged, sure, but are all the chapters there?) I'm wondering if I should contact Audible about this, but I wanted to run it past you all first.


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    Not exactly same thing but--the audio tapes (2 two-sided cassettes) I got from the library also were an abridged but still highly useful version of the book--can't remember exactly what was there and what wasn't but it lead me to search for a fuller version and there is not a complete tape of the book that I know of. Through this site you can get a lengthy program of CDs or cassettes that sounds like a live recording of DA doing a seminar or workshop--called GTD-FAST. Although the style of delivery to me distracts from the methodology, I highly recommend the set for listening to while driving. So none of the audios are as full and rich as the book, but they are all useful as most of use have little sit down quietly and read time. The GTD FAST is done by Nightengale-Conant but I found when I searched their site for anything by David Allen it came up with nothing--then I saw people referring to the CDs on this forum. I called and got them 2 days later.


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      David Allen on Audible

      Audible describes the GTD audiobook as "Abridged Nonfiction," so I knew it wasn't the complete book.


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        Audiobook incomplete?

        I purchased the audiobook when I took the BNU couse. Thought it would be easier to fit assignments into my crammed schedule. Ended up buying the book as soon as it came out in paperback I keep the audio in my van, great for bursts of wisdom when I'm driving about w/o much focus.