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GTD on Tablet PC/Origami

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  • GTD on Tablet PC/Origami

    Hi, just wondering if anyone uses a tablet PC for GTD? I've just bought the new Samsung Q1 and just trying to implement GTD on it. I love being able to write directly on the Screen its so much easier to get thoughts down. There is a lot to be said about handwriting over Keyboard. The mind is definitely more creative when writing, I find anyway.

    Any tips or advice on getting the best out of a tablet in the GTD environment would be greatly appreciated.

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    Do you use Outlook?

    If you use Outlook on any device running the Tablet PC OS, get Tablet Enhancements for Outlook from Einstein Technologies. Seriously. It transforms Outlook into one of the most ink-friendly apps ever. MindManager is also an excellent organizer and planning tool for the Tablet PC.