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  • GTD Personal Assessment

    Has David (or anyone) created any sort of personal assessment that an individual can use to determine where they are on the "Mind like Water" journey? For example, "If you routinely do this, this, and this.. you are a yellow belt" When you routinely do this, this, and this, you are at a black belt level". I've set a goal to achieve what I call "GTD black belt" (based on my own perception of what that means) and have made good strides in that direction (no, I can't make it happen overnight), but it would be good to be able to establish a baseline and be able to track a progression of improvement. I've seen this done in my line of work where we assess processes against a process maturity scale (1-5) where each level of maturity has certain criteria. It really helps in understanding where you are, planning next actions, and measuring progress.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    The following forum Q&A (from May 2006) is a good place to start:

    The question is similar to yours and the first answer provides an article by DA that talks about "mapping" GTD to martial arts belts.


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      EXACTLY what I was looking for....

      Thanks for your help!


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        here's a checklist, grouped by workflow stage

        Hi Vince. I recently posted a checklist on my blog for this very purpose. The article is GTD Workflow Assessment/Tips Checklist. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.



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          Originally posted by cornell
          I recently posted a checklist on my blog for this very purpose.
          Matt, great list. It is a great way to assess one's current system and look for ways to improve. Thanks for sharing!


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            Color coding

            Great tool, Matt! I highlighted the assessment using green for things I do well, yellow for almost, and red for don't do it at all. I got an instant visual and both strengths and where I wanted to put my energies to get to the next "belt." I 'll do the highlighting again at a quarterly review.