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Life Balance vs Outlook

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  • Life Balance vs Outlook

    Just been having a look at Lifebalance and I certainly like the logic behind it - the problem is I feel that I've just 'mastered' my outlook - and I like having my task list next to my day in the calendar etc... PLUS I've bought the outlook add-in etc etc...

    For those who have Life Balance - how does it tie in with outlook or does it not do that at all? I get the feeling it is a separate platform and I would have to give away all I've achieved in OL.....

    what are your thoughts?

    many thanks Helen

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    There is a ton of good advice about this on the LifeBalance boards and people who use this board who know more about it that me, but at its simplest:

    1. Open the Preferences menu in life balance
    2. Click on the little black triangle where it says Set:
    3. Choose to do list export
    4. Check the box Export to To Do List
    5. You can these chose which LifeBalance places you export, and the categories in which you want them to appear on your Palm
    6. Synchronise the Palm and your Life Balance tasks will appear in the tasks section of Outlook

    This all is based on my presumption that you are using Life Balance on a Palm and not just the Desktop.