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Another general reference filing question

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  • Another general reference filing question

    OK, I'm just getting started on GTD.

    How do you guys handle filing "loner" items? For example, I've compiled everything to my new in basket, and I have some general reference items that don't really belong with anything else. Take for example a 1 page schedule for a local gun range that I've got sitting here. Should I start a new folder with the name of the range as the label (even though there will likely never be anything else in that folder)? Or should I start a "schedules" folder and stick it there?



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    If shooting is a hobby of yours, why not make a folder with that (shooting-places to go) as the subject. This way you can keep other items along that same subject together.


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      Hi Jason,

      Personally, I keep a list/category called "Open/Hours" in my Palm memo application. Any any local stores/etc go into there, so I'll know what hours and days they're open.

      Not sure if this works for you, but you could try creating a "schedules" or similar folder if you didn't want it in your Palm or other immediate reference areas.



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        Dang Renae, sometimes the obvious answer is staring you right in the face, huh?

        Thanks, that's a great idea.



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          Re: Hours & Schedules

          In the GTD Book - David espouses a General Filing System so that you don't multiply the number of places information could be.

          In an attempt to keep to that spirit - I habitually record "Hours of Operation," "Driving Direx" a note attached to the Address/Contact listing for the store/facility.

          You can do this on your home computer if you'd like (even without a PDA), or just write or xerox the info into a Day Planner



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            Scheduled Hours

            If it's purely reference (e.g., information about my son's), I attach it to the contact. If it's a recurring ToDo/Appointment (e.g., a list of specific topics for a weekly class), I attach it to an inactive ToDo so that it will be covered in the Weekly Review and easily switched to active if I choose.



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              One of the things I'm still struggling to keep in mind is the fact that most of the paper that comes my way isn't really inherently valuable, it just conveys valuable information.

              In line with some earlier suggestions, try to get in the habit of forcing yourself to extract that information from the paper, and then decide whether you really need the paper at all, or if there isn't a better, more accessible place, to store it.

              I'd probably store the phone # and address of the club in my Palm phonebook, then attach the hours (and any other relevant information) as a note. I always have my Palm with me, so I'd always have that information, which is much more convenient and accessible than if I had to go to my filing cabinet to pull it out again.

              However, if there is some reason why you want to keep the hard paper, then DA says on the CD of the seminar that we need to get over our aversion to making a filing for single piece of paper. I now have plenty of things in my reference filing that are singular items and it works fine.