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dealing with project plans

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  • dealing with project plans

    Good afternoon. My project list is kept in an excel spreadsheet. However, the rest of my GTD system is primarily paper based.

    When I do my weekly review, I print my project list or just view it from the screen. Then, I pull my project plans from each of their paper folders (project support material), update them, and list any next actions.

    I'm considering keeping all the project plans in one folder. Then, during my weekly review, I just grab that one folder and away I go. Of course, I may still have to refer to each individual project's support folder occasionally, but I think this would streamline the process. Plus, I can grab the one folder along with my inbox to do a review pretty much any where I want (ahhh what a liberating feeling!)

    My concern is that while most of my projects are written/scribbled on one piece of paper, I do have some that go on for a number of pages and a select few large projects that have excel spreadsheet project plans. I'm concerned that while the "one folder" will work for the majority of my projects, I may get caught up on the exceptions. I have about 40 projects, with 10 having multiple pages and 4 having excel project plans.

    please offer thoughts or experiences? Thank you.

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    Try it and see.

    No, honestly. This seems like a reasonable approach to me, but there's no way to know for sure if it'll work for you unless you try it.


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      I don't know about your project plans, but mine are moste of the time nothing more than a few lines of text ie a phone number, a name plus a reminder of a few thing to keep in mind while working the project. For example I have to build some sort of "station" for our washing machine. Project plan means here: a partnumber, a statement of purpose to remind me what I was talking about to my family and 2 next actions.

      So you have the excel file and all these little projects... I'd say put the project plans into the excel file. Create a collum "plans" or something.

      For the big project plans just write a mark like "IN SUPPORT FOLDER", or link to the excel files...


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        Do you mean you would have 40 plans in one folder? How would you find the one you need? Would they be numbered or alphabetized? I have 200 plus projects that are active although some are "dormant" during various weeks. I am thinking of printing out the outcome statement and highpoints for each on a spearte sheet of paperand putting them in a binder. Why? So I can review without being at computer and because I can view more fully and add info more readily. My projects are in Palm's Memo and hence are order by A to Z, and I start the name with my area of focus. This is not perfect but I can find them. On a trial basis, I am just going to start with the projects that I am working on this week. the down side is working from too many places of information.


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          Agreed, I would keep all project plans in separate folder for ease of use. If you are looking for plan X and in your folder it is the last set of plans, then you will have to go through the other 39 to see that.

          Instead of pulling out Project X (not with Matthew Broderick) and you are ready to roll.