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    Hi All,

    I have been reading "ADD Friendly Ways to Organizing Your Life" by Kolberg and Nadeau. While I have never been formally diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or whatever one wants to call it, some of the behaviors described in this book seem to strike a cord.

    I've been using the GTD Netcentrics Outlook Add-in product for 2+ years now, and while good for processing emails and handling information for processing, I have found it to be marginal when it comes to visual representations of goals at 10K feet, 20K feet, 30K feet, etc.....

    IMHO, the list formatted printouts of GTD Customized Outlook Views are, sensorially speaking, somewhat 'dull' to look at and become inspired by.

    For daily actions I use a custom crafted and templated, written daily planning sheet which seems to work better than anything else; however, I would really like to find software that makes up for features that I have been unable to implement effectively with the GTD Outlook Add-in application.

    **** Does anyone have experience using the ADDplanner software ( either alone or in conjunction with GTD Outlook ? ****

    It appears that the software "My Life Organized" ( seems to be somewhat similar to ADDplanner with respect to aspects of its 'Projects' features, but I don't believe that it was written specifically for those who exhibit what are referred to as ADD/ADHD behaviors, as was ADDplanner.

    Mike R

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    no expert here but

    I just looked at the ADD Planner and I could not see how the user readily locates what he or she needs to find, such as where you left off a project.

    Is there a user's forum?

    I think you might want to also look at Llama graphic's life balance. I have not implemented this but I printed out the "directions" and you can get a free trial.

    You can search this forum for people's comments on Life Balance and My Life Organized. Based on those comments you might be able to compare better and figure out what people are needing that they are not getting.