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Alternate GTD 2-Minute Timer program

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  • Alternate GTD 2-Minute Timer program

    So you need some way of staying on task and not getting distracted? I know I did being diagnosed ADHD, GTD Add-on for Outlook has saved my job. I love it.
    But I have a tendancy to get caught up in details sometimes by the little task. When the David Allen released the 2-Minute Timer I thought wow what a great idea, but at 10.00 bucks I thought that it was way to costly. So I created my own to share with others. I needed a 2-Minute Timer and a 30-Minute project timer, so my version works for all timing needs. PLUS IT IS ABSOLUTELY
    FREE - just my way of paying it forward. Remember when you can't focus or seem to forget things all the time, you may be ADHD. It can ruin you life. Stay on task and get the project done on time using either GTD 2-Minute timer or mine here is the link to download mine:

    pswd protected: scarng

    It was written in FLASH and is a stand alone player, you must have a flash installed - most of use do.

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    Alt Gtd Download


    I've downloaded, but cannot run it as I don't have the porgram for running .rar files and don't want to buy the application just to run it.

    Do you have your application in zip format?


    Kibo Kid


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      Free unrar utilities.

      Here you can find free unrar utilities for different platforms. I found this page using Google and cannot guarantee the quality of the software.


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        Can't run the program

        I unrar'ed it. But the timer doesn't work. If I click on "Start" nothing happens?


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          I d/l'd and have used it a couple of times now. It works fine!

          Shivas, you need to type in a time and then click start.

          There are three boxes: hours, minutes, & seconds. Choose a box(es) and enter a time, then click start (or countdown mode).

          Also, 7-zip is a free utility that handles zip and rar and many other formats.


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            You must have Flash install on your system for the program to work.

            You can enter Hours, Minutes, and Seconds.

            You can choose either Count Down Mode or Elapsed Time.

            Enhancements forthcoming: Working on making it sound alarm when time is reached or expired.

            That's all there is to it. Pretty simple.



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              digital kitchen timer?

              I use one of these, the kind found in kitchen store or housewares dept and you can also get one that has three timer's in one for use in science labs or the kitchen and you can keep it set on 2 min, 30 min and just repeat as needed. Only problem is the beep is very obnoxious and audible to others. Anyone know of a brand that makes a teensy chirp or vibrates silently or maybe makes a little light go off?


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                I don't personally know of a brand of silent timers, but I'll bet they exist. Perhaps asking your favorite search engine to find "cooking timers for deaf people" would be fruitful?

                I have a 2 minute hourglass I use for this purpose. I got it as a corporate promo, but I've seen them sold for use with games and such.



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                  Invisible clock

                  I remember seeing a timer called the Invisible Clock online somewhere. I noted that it could be used as a personal alarm clock and wouldn't wake your partner. You can also set lots of times for it to go off.

                  I can't remember the website but I'm sure if you googled Invisible Clock you would find it.