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  • Ready for Anything Reading Group

    For those of you familiar with David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done, you may already be aware that David wrote a second book, "Ready for Anything." Ready for Anything takes many of the GTD principles and breaks them down in to small weekly snippets. The basis for he book was David's productivity newsletters. There are a total of 52 chapters in the book and we will be starting a reading group to work through one chapter per week beginning the first week in September 2006. Discussion of each chapter as well as tips and suggestions from others participating in the reading group will be posted to the Ready4Anything Yahoo group. We are presently taking a poll of who is interested in joining the reading group and 16 folks have already expressed an interest. Any of you that might be interested are more than welcome to join us. If you are interested, please join the Ready4Anything group at the link below and respond to the poll to indicate that you would like to also join the reading group that is starting in September.

    Here is a link to the Ready4Anything Yahoo Group:

    Purchase Ready for Anything:
    Here is a link to where you can purchase Ready for Anything:
    Note that the book is also available from for purchase and download in digital (MS Reader and Adobe Reader formats)

    I look forward to your participation.

    Kevin Young
    Ready4Anything Yahoo Group Moderator

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    Good job!

    Hi Kevin,

    Great to see you on here. I'm glad we're trying this - I think it's an excellent way to get through "Ready for Anything". I've made it part of my weekly review - it's the first thing I do to start my review, actually - read the current chapter.

    I've alreay signed up - good luck!


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      Thanks Martin!

      Thank you for your words of encouragement and reading a chapter per week as part of your weekly review is an excellent idea and one I hope you will share with the others in the group when we get started. It looks as though we should have some great participation as after only 1 day we already have 35 people indicating that they would like to participate.

      I look forward to hearing more from you when we get started and I really hope you will post your weekly review idea at that time. Expect to see a pre-reading post a couple of weeks before the group actually gets started.

      Thanks again.


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        I've read it twice now.

        You can easily read one chapter a day. I'm rereading Getting Things Done, but after that I'm going to go back to Ready for Anything and make it part of my daily routine. Maybe I'll alternate between the books. I need a daily dose of this stuff.


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          Ready For Anything

          Someone did this a few months after the book came out. Anyone know how that went?


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            Ready4Anything Reading Group

            Actually the Ready4Anything Group was created quite some time ago and contains many archived messages from when others read through it initially. Since each posting is prefaced with the Chapter number the post relates to, you can search through the archives and read the messages applicable to any chapter.

            The reading group we have starting in September will be adding to the existing compilation of posts and anyone that is interested can join in. As for reading a chapter a day, it can certainly be done as most chapters are merely 3 pages long but since the reading group will be answering questions and discussing each chapter the chapter per week format seems to work best for the type of forum it is being done in.

            The group site: