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    Originally posted by flexiblefine
    ...a second edition of Getting Things Done or some other book?
    Getting Things Doner?

    Sorry, I couldn't resist!


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      Getting Things Done. The Stuff Strikes Back

      Originally posted by flexiblefine
      ...a second edition of Getting Things Done or some other book?
      Or maybe "Getting Things Done. The Stuff Strikes Back" for those who fell off the bandwagon.


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        The Stuff Strikes Back (Part II)

        Originally posted by TesTeq
        Or maybe "Getting Things Done. The Stuff Strikes Back" for those who fell off the bandwagon.
        Or perhaps "I still know what you didn't get done last summer".



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          My Question(s)

          I would like to know,

          "What was the single insight over the course of you own history, that increased your personal productivity the most?"

          "When you began to see GTD as a system, what was the linchpin experience or insight that pulled it all together?"

          I guess I'm looking to enjoy the story, just as much as I am interested in the actual answer.



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            Starting and Stopping

            Here's what I'd ask David:

            In Organizing Ideas

            Carol Halsey
            Business Organizing Solutions

            She said:

            "Here are some statistics worth paying attention to.

            1. By concentrating single-mindedly on your most important task, you can reduce the time required to complete it by 50% or more.

            2. It has been estimated that the tendency to start and stop a task, to pick it up, put it down, and come back to it, can increase the time necessary to complete the task by as much as 500%."

            What's your take on this David--Do you try to finish each task completely, or do you think it's equally effective to start several things at once, should the opportunity arise?


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              Evaluating the learning/implentation of the method

              It seems from reading the forum that some people understand and implement the system readily while others struggle with it. Do you and your colleagues have data (or ideas) about what the common difficulties are in learning and implementing GTD? What approaches would seem most useful to determine what kinds of difficulties people have in learning and implementing the system? How can the most common problems be prevented or corrected? Is anybody evaluating the efficacy of different approaches to the teaching and coaching?


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                Two separate GTD systems - one for work and one for home?


                What do you think about maintaining two separate GTD systems - one for work activities and one for home/personal activities? Such setup makes it possible to separate work stuff from home/personal stuff - I think many people need such separation.

                Best regards,



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                  I think that he covered that in the book and said that there should NOT be two separate systems. I don't remember what page it was on but it was in Chaper 1. Allen makes no distinctions between work and personal lives.



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                    Can you explain what is really meant by "no distinctions between work and personal lives"?

                    To me there are huge distinctions between the two, and I have a complete other set of projects for my role as a scout leader that needs an system as well.

                    I think it may be taken out of context, and truly mean just that you have one system for all your roles (or Areas of Focus).


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                      I have two questions:

                      You’ve made the analogy between GTD and martial arts (white belt, brown belt, etc.). When you spend a weekend coaching someone on collecting and processing, where are they on that scale when you finish the weekend?

                      How long does it take without a coach? If someone buys the book and tries to follow it on their own, how long does the collecting and processing typically take?