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GTD Connect is here!

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  • GTD Connect is here!

    In the last Newsletter, David Allen talks about a new service call something like GTD Connect. I see the new product page, the membership said Comming soon...

    Has somebody can give us a clue, I am really curious to see what it is, and David said Fall, and it is fall (yes, I am like a kid waiting for Xmas, I know) but anyhow can we get any information, at least for when we will get some information to add it to our ticklers so can be out of our minds...


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    GTD Connect?

    I attended the DC RoadMap. GTD Connect is still being refined for its roll out, but a preview of information was available on a handout. It's $48 / month for various member specials, e.g., interviews by David with other thought leaders, a more in-depth newsletter, special online events, etc. It's still a few months off, I think. It's designed to offer an opportunity for the GTD community to "connect" with DavidCo, the material, and other members on a more consistent, continuous basis. Hope this helps; I'd stay posted for more info on Thanks.


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      GTD Connect

      I too was at the GTD Roadmap Session in Washington DC last week. This monthly service will include CD interviews, PDFs and other materials related to the productivity system. $48 per month. I gathered it is not yet ready for prime time but will roll out in 1Q2006.


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        It's $48 / month for various member specials, e.g., interviews by David with other thought leaders, a more in-depth newsletter, special online events, etc.
        Great for the CEO's out there. At least the book price has only risen $1 in the past two years.


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          Yeah, I love GTD, but not enough to pay $48 per month.

          I mean, are they doing that just to make more money, or is there a good reason why they need to charge that much? I mean, they already have two books out there plus personal consultations that they do.

          I mean, who is going to pay $48 per month just for some materials that may or may not specifically help you do GTD? Ideas are always great, but you have to tune your system to get it to work for you.

          They need to come up with a real serious sales pitch for it if they're going to be charging that kind of money.


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            Yeah, I agree. I would have paid $500 for the book (GTD) because it really did change my life, but now that my life is changed I'm thinking the other stuff is refinements. I have already realized that I will never be "done," meaning I will always be adjusting my system, but I doubt I'll need to spend $48 per month for that.

            And I don't suggest raising the price of the book to $500, either.


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              I think $48 is a little high, but without see the content who knows...

              It is definetely not an entry level program/price, but either is the Seminar...

              I am confident that they will provide enough service to compensate the $48, but I need to agree that need to be way better and incredible than the Seminar, other wise I will do one seminar per year instead...


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                GTD Connect

                I don't disagree with any of the comments here. $48 per month is a lot of $$$.

                Two comments:

                First, you can bail at any time. If you try it for a month and don't think it adds value, you can cancel. It's month to month.

                Second, at the GTD Roadmap Seminar, anyone who signed up then got the first month for $48 and the next two month's free.

                Maybe too there is some legit way of writing the expense off on taxes, but I am no tax expert.

                Kevin Quinley


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                  Seems like $48 per month is a little steep, but given GTD's track record with me, I'll probably give it a whirl for a few months just to find out what it's all about. The ability to bail out at any time will make it more attractive for someone like me and will keep Davidco on their toes in terms of providing value for the $.


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                    Ok, a friend of mine receive an email from DavidCo and looks like will start around July 12 the new DavidCo service. Any news or peaks from somebody in the forum?


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                      GTD Connect

                      I will be a part of the support staff for this great new program, so just wanted to share my info and enthusiasm with you--

                      David has been announcing his new monthly membership program at the RoadMap seminars this year. The intent of this program is to deliver the highest quality coaching tools and coolest materials to a select group of folks who want to stay engaged with GTD. Having spent some time at our public events and in customer service, it's amazing how many folks come away from reading the book or attending a seminar wanting additional hands-on tools for implementing GTD, for staying on track over time, and for creating a support network of other folks who are using these tools to enhance their productivity, work-life balance, or to get ahead in their careers.

                      I hope GTD Connect will be precisely that tool for those of you who join us. We'll be launching the program in the next few months, after giving our early access members a chance to access all of the features of the program in advance, starting July 12.

                      Questions or ideas about the program? Email us at .


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                        GTD Connect is here!

                        The new membership program of David Allen and Getting Things Done is now available to the public!

                        After many months of development and several weeks of extensive testing with VIP members, I am delighted to announce the program is open to anyone who wants to take their personal productivity to the next level.

                        Learn more about the new coaching program designed to keep you on track with GTD and functioning at peak efficiency.

                        Or click here to see a small glimpse of the site itself.
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                          VIP testing.

                          Originally posted by LisaGTD
                          After many months of development and several weeks of extensive testing with VIP members
                          I think it is very risky and uncommon to test a new product or service with VIPs! I hope no VIPs were hurt during this process

                          By the way what are the necessary steps to become a VIP member.


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                            Hmm... I was curious about how DavidCo would continue to expand as a business given David's open attitude about stuff: here's my book - read it, use your friends and forum for help. There's nothing else to buy. Not a good money making model, but refreshing.

                            On a related note, have you guys (the site admins) thought about putting together an FAQ/Wiki? There are a standard set of about 20 questions that keep getting asked on the list over and over again.


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                              Just curious if you have considered a multi-month discount package; i.e. buy 3 months, get a 4th free type deal.