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In what context do you perform your Weekly Review?

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  • In what context do you perform your Weekly Review?

    Do you need/prefer to be in a specific context when doing the weekly review? I presume it would be easier to handle '30-second tasks' that come up when you are in/at the context most of your work is handled.

    Or should your system be set up so that your WR could be done anywhere you like, @Home, @Work, @Commute(*), @Beach, @Garden

    @Garden might be the best place for your 3.000m(**) and up review

    (*) Assuming non-car commute, of course.
    (**) Go "Metrics"!

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    I tend to do a thorough weekly review at work. This is my context for my major review, where everything updates.

    But since I have an intray at home as well, I need to make sure that my home intray has been processed.

    Actually, that probably means that as long as both (or all) physical intrays are processed (and the stuff organised), and I can access my email, I can pretty much do a WR anywhere.




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      I do my WR at the office, but the office for me is in my home. But mentally, I'm at work when I sit down to get started on it.


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        I've started doing the weekly review during my weekly cycling trips into the countryside. I'll sit under a tree in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nature. This is when I am at my happiest (also keeps me relatively sane). One of the advantages of having everything on a palmtop. Also, there are guaranteed no interruptions (we don't have bears in this country....)


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          I work at home, but am only in the office on Friday's. So I do it on Friday afternoons, I plan it for 2pm, that way I'm usually relatively caught up, as opposed to doing it first thing in the morning, but it is still early enough that I can take action on things in the remainder of the day. It normally only takes me about 30-45 minutes, but I think that is because I tend to do several mini-weekly reviews each week...



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            I tend to do many mini reviews as the week goes on, but I like to do the big WR at work on Friday afternoons. That way, I know that a week's worth of "Stuff" as been aquired and processed, so I'll have something worthwhile to go over.