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Online Tickler?

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  • Online Tickler?

    I came across this website using a Google search:

    Anyone ever heard of/used it?

    (Note: I am not associated with this site in any way. Just looking for feedback on the site.)

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    Online Tickler? Google Calendar!

    I use Google Calendar for my reminders. If I need a file or something, I email it to my GMail account and use the date that I want it in the subject:

    Subject: 2006-09-25 Meeting Notes

    and then make a Google Calendar note

    Google will email you and/or SMS you with reminders. Hard to beat, plus it's free and reliable.


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      luomat, thanks for the tip. I use Google Calendar for appointment so I guess using it as a tickler is not a bad idea.

      I was hoping Google would create a task list to go along with the calendar. Maybe someday.


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        Do not use this service, however from a quick look I would ask why? The value (used loosely) is in the $19/month plan and for some that may not meet their project needs.

        So save you're self the $228 pa and find another tool. Additionally, most tickler items I have are physical (print outs, tickets etc) in nature ... so I still need a physical tickler system (ie 43 file folders).